The Shutdown Blues


Some days, you just don’t feel the love and today is one of those days for furloughed federal employees and those affected by the shutdown of our government.

Welcome to Day 5 of being caught in the middle of political madness.

Sucks to be us.

Aside from worrying about the sorry state of our national affairs and whether or not you can pay your bills on time this month, why not use some of this new-found time to do something constructive?

  • Email or call your representatives in Congress. Let your voice be heard. Remind them that you are a registered voter. Then, be sure you are registered to vote. See if they listen to you and do something constructive SOON to end this shameful debacle. If they don’t rise to the occasion, make a note to yourself to vote them out during the next election.
  • Go the gym and release some of that built up frustration you may be feeling.
  • Beautify your world. A friend of mine who recently landed a federal job only to be furloughed decided to plant lovely fall flower boxes because she wanted to “replace the ugliness with beauty.”
  • Update your resume and start looking for a new job. Look for an employer who both values you AND pays you on time.
  • Visit for tips to help you create or revise your resume.
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