Job Search Stress


You don’t know what the future will bring. You don’t know if you will be able to find a job that fits your skill set. You don’t know who, if anyone, is going to hire you because you’re too paralyzed to actually apply for jobs. Your resume sucks. You haven’t quite figured out the organization’s complicated application process. Or maybe you are just too overwhelmed by the many places to look for jobs that you don’t look at all. You know you’re good, but are you good enough?

You are stressed, dear jobseeker.  What’s more, you need to do something about all these issues if you want to move forward professionally.

Right now, you’re clearly standing in your own way.  You have the definitive deer in the headlight look and it’s not pretty.

How can you get past the blinding light and avoid being professional roadkill?

Let me count three simple ways for you.

1.  Worst case it. Since you are already holding steady at inaction, why don’t you go ahead and walk over to the dark side of negativity? Assume you don’t find a job that matches your skill set. You don’t apply for any jobs. You don’t re-evaluate your resume in order to enhance its effectiveness. You don’t make any attempt to understand the application processes in place or figure out where to actually look for the available and potential jobs. You settle for mediocrity or worse, self-imposed poverty.

There. Feel better? Both your life and your career suck.

You can’t pay your bills. Your kids will never go to college and your significant other will leave you for someone else who actually has their act together. Your dog will run away.

Is this where you want to be? Are you truly happy existing in this murky shadow land without your less than loyal supporters?

Of course not; however, now that you’ve examined the worst case scenario, you are feel to reject it. Things, it would appear, may not be as bad as they could be, right? Or are they? Let’s find out.

2. Assess your status quo. Knowing that you don’t want to be in THAT place, let’s now take a closer look at where you really are. Do you have the safety net of employment, for better or worse? Or are you income-less, soon to be destitute? Whatever the reality of your situation, define it. Look at it. Accept that, for the moment, you are one with it. Figure out how much longer you can reasonably maintain a comfortable status quo financially, spiritually and mentally.  That will help you determine how hard and fast you implement the next step.

3. Take calculated action. In order to change (i.e. improve your sorry lot in life), you have to do something different than what you’ve been doing. It sounds simple enough but we all know that change can be a bitch. Accept it. Make the bitch your best friend and start a list of the changes you can realistically make.

Here are some suggestions:

Revise your resume.

Identify the best sources of employment in the area you are targeting.

Begin to research employers.

Discreetly, if need be, network with your friends, family and co-workers.

Apply for at least one new job a day.

Keep track of who you talked to you.

Follow up on your actions.

If your skills aren’t marketable enough, learn some new ones.

Join and participate in a professional organization.

Drive home  a different way. Seriously.  Sometimes just doing one little thing differently gives you the motivation and momentum to do one more thing differently.




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