Moving Past Procrastination


You need to find a new job and it’s hard. I know. I feel you.

There are just so many other jobseekers out there with amazing skills and experiences. And then there’s you, who may be amazing in your own right, but still. So, instead of dedicating a specific amount of time each day to improving your lot in life, you don’t. You think about it, of course.  You tell yourself that the thinking of it somehow counts.

It doesn’t. Not really. You’re procrastinating, that’s all. Here are three things that will do for you:

1. It will prolong your professional stagnation. Nothing will change. You will stay in the same place you are now and life will go on all around you. Welcome to mediocrity.

2. It will bring you down. If you want to move on professionally and you don’t do anything to facilitate that change, you will be bummed. Being bummed has a negative effect on just about everything in your life. Think snowball effect here.

3. It will reinforce your impressive levels of inactivity and non-progress. Practice makes perfect, right?

Minimal procrastination, or planning disguised as such, isn’t all bad, of course. Sometimes it is just the universe buying us a bit of breathing space, giving us an opportunity to formulate a plan and act on it.

It’s when we get stuck in that warm comfort zone between planning and acting that everything just goes to hell, or worse, just goes nowhere.

To deal effectively with the procrastinator in you, consider implementing these strategies:

1.  Put your next steps down on paper, an iPad or scribble them on your arm. See it. Read it. Remember it. Do it.

2.  Focus your attention on a few tasks versus a hundred. Maybe you’re not getting anywhere because you have too many ideas floating around that over-achieving brain of yours. Ideas are good and you should write them down. After you do that, however, prioritize them. Focus on the top three. Accomplish them and then focus on the next three. Think assembly line.

3.  Bribe yourself. If you need to focus on a particular task, tell yourself that you will focus on it for 30 minutes and only 30 minutes. After that, the universe will free you and you can go and do something else way more fun.




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